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Class guidelines

Here are some tips to get the best out of your live-online Iyengar Yoga classes. Contact us if you have any questions or need further guidance.

What is a live online class?

Live-online yoga classes are offered in real time with a live teacher and other students connecting virtually through video conferencing software. We are using which is free to download and can be accessed through a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


All classes will be one hour duration and cost €10 per class. Spaces will be limited to 15 per class to ensure individual attention. In the initial 6 week period we will be offering a wide choice of classes – almost 50 in total over the first few weeks. This will provide you with the option to select the class day/time that best suits you. You can cancel and/or switch classes, provided the cancellation is within 24 hours of the class. All classes need to be booked at least one hour in advance of the class start time.


Visit our upcoming class schedule and click on ‘Book Now’ to book selected class. This will take you to our online booking platform which will provide you with details about the class and invite you to set up your account. Once you have an account you will be offered the option to ‘buy membership or class pass’. We are offering one FREE class pass to all students. Once you have a class pass you can to book into any class (provided spaces are available).


  • Visit to download and install the app on your device.
  • We suggest that you spend some time prior to the start of your online class to create an inviting space with good lighting and have your yoga mat & mobile, tablet or desktop device ready. Set your device up, horizontal to your mat, about 2-3 feet higher than floor level. If it is possible, best to set up your mat 8-12 feet away from your screen (depending on screen size). You can also Test your video and audio at
  • There are times when it is helpful to use yoga props. If you don’t have yoga props, then something that resembles them will work fine i.e. you can use an actual belt/belt tie in place of a yoga belt, a regular chair in place of a yoga chair, regular blankets/towels in place of yoga blankets, sofa cushions/pillows in place of a yoga bolster or foam blocks. Yoga props can be purchased from
  • Let your family or house-mates know in advance that you will be joining a live-online class and ask if they can refrain from disturbing you for the duration of the class.  You will be on mute so background noise will not affect the class for others attending.
  • Turn off notifications and any devices that you aren’t using to view the class.


  • 30 minutes before class start time you will receive the unique Zoom link to join via email. Click on the link and you are in!
  • Please join the Zoom meeting 10-15 minutes before the start time to arrange your camera, test your volume & check in with the teacher.
  • Please turn on your video so that the teacher can see you and provide you with guidance during the class.  
  • You may wish to say hello to others joining the class and get a sense of class community while in “Gallery View” mode before the class begins.
  • Once the class begins, it is recommended that you switch to ‘Speaker View’ mode so that you can see the teacher clearly. It is also recommended that you select full screen mode to enlarge your screen view to the maximum.
  • The teacher will place all students on mute before the class begins, to ensure good sound quality. If you arrive late to your class please ensure that your audio speaker is set on mute.
  • There is a chat function in Zoom where you can raise your hand or ask specific questions.
  • To help you troubleshoot through any technical issues visit the Zoom Help Center or email